365 Community Union Leadership

Collen Jennings-Roggensack

Colleen Jennings-Roggensack
ASU Vice President for Cultural Affairs

Neva Bochenek

Neva Bochenek
Senior Director of Fiscal Business Operations and Chief of Staff

Henry Terrazas

Henry Terrazas
Director of ASU 365 Community Union

Jon Ainlay

Jon Ainlay
Associate Director of ASU 365 Community Union

Peter Means

Peter Means
Senior Director of Development


365 Community Union Team

Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, ASU Vice President for Cultural Affairs 
Jon Ainlay, Associate Director 365 Community Union
Katelyn Aleksa, Marketing Coordinator
Neva Bochenek, Senior Director of Fiscal and Business Operations & Chief of Staff
Wylin Banez, Business Operations Specialist
David Drescher, Event Coordinator
Derrik Hester, Production Manager
Kimberly Carson, Marketing Manager
Christine Jaimes, Coordinator
Sianna Kent, Programs & Relationship Manager
Arayah Larson, Assistant Director of Development
Peter Means, Senior Director of Development
Stephen Potter, Contracts Manager
Payton Richardson, Event Coordinator
Stacey Stepek, Event Manager
Henry Terrazas, Director of 365 Community Union


ASU Cultural Affairs & Core Values

ASU 365 Community Union is a division of ASU Cultural Affairs, which also includes local Valley venues ASU Gammage and ASU Kerr. The ASU Cultural Affairs mission is Connecting Communities™ and our Core Values include leading with an innovative mindset, supporting authenticity, and nurturing community. For a full listing of ASU Cultural Affairs staff visit